Saturday, May 30, 2009

Success Begets Success

After a prolonged coma, and years of rehabilitation, I came to Second Life, to look into a possible "window to the world". I was disabled, and had a poor self image, after a lifetime career in Martial Arts and Dog Training. I learned something in Second Life, that I will share. I now can boast a successful and confident real life.
I help People in SL to learn a lesson about what success is, with Virtual Dogs. I own the most popular dog park in the virtual world, Dogland Park in Rhoda. At the VKC Dog Park at Rhoda, I use the dogs as a magician uses smoke and mirrors, to focus residents attention, and build an interest in working with the dogs.
If a resident of SL engages in activities that are not fulfilling, this leaves them empty inside. An example; You get talked into going to a club. Friends dance, lag is bad, you can not focus camera on anyone. You try to turn and crash repeatedly. You try to chat with others, but there is spam on screen, and chat lag. You log off and go to bed.
Your subconscious is working now, and your dreams have been affected. The dreams are ones of frustration, and of incompletion. You awaken a bit tired and restless. When it is time to log into SL, you have butterflies in stomach, because you did not have a great success the last time you were in world. You are hoping SL will be fun today.
The other side of the coin.
You come to SL, and find something that you have an interest in. Dogs are fun, and this was my choice. At Dogland we have so many activities that involve the residents and their dogs. You come in interested, perhaps because the dogs are so very realistic... and you like dogs anyway.
While focused on the dogs, you are learning. We train your dog for you, and then work with you for as long as you feel great about coming to learn. You learn how to control the dogs, and to teach it, and this feels good! No matter who else rains on your parade , no body can take back the successful interaction you had with your dog.
You go to sleep. Your subconscious is unwrapping events of the day. Whether you realize it or not, you are dreaming. These dreams are different. They are dreams of "completion". Dreams that reflect that you were successful in your SL dog work! You awaken feeling good, in fact you are anxious to get in world and feel that exhilarating feeling again.
Repeated experiences that make you wake up happy, and that give you a good feeling about what you have done, make you feel good about life and about yourself.
Feeling good about yourself carries into your daily activities in life, and facing daily living feeling good about yourself is called confidence.
Confidence is what gives us the courage to accept challenges. Fears will not restrict your life if there is a reason to feel confident.
Second Life is easy to download, and here is the part where I encourage each and every one of you to give it a chance. Come and visit SL, and then look me up. You will find me at Dogland Park in Rhoda Let me then give you a demonstration of how the dogs work. The dogs are the only true example of actual Artificial Intelligence in world. It costs nothing to come to my dog park and learn ( there are regular classes open to all as well). At Dogland Park you can come every day and command and play with the many dogs around the park, and it costs nothing. Many choose to purchase their own dogs, but you can get the feeling of success from working with these marvelous dogs free of any cost.
Come and visit my dog park, and watch the dogs play and I promise you will have fun!


  1. Cool article Vito and you are soooo right about the benefits of positive experiences both in SL and RL as you have proven with your lovely dog park and amazing ability to encourage others. Virtual dogs are incredible artifical intelligence creatures and the more you play with and train them the more they learn (and so do we. They are so lifelike they literally charm you. Thanks Vito for the fun and help, and to all the wonderful friendly dog owners - thank you for your hello's and gifts that arrive through the group :)

  2. Gosh Reb, Thanks Your comment made my day!