Friday, July 10, 2009

Virtual Dogs in 2nd Life & Our RL pets

In Second Life, I run a center for individuals with TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury). I also work with dogs. I have found that my friends with TBI benefit greatly from learning to work with these virtual pets. In my next article below I will talk about how sl in general helps individuals with TBI to function better in rl. In world(in 2nd Life), I solve problems and repair dogs for D&D dogs, and do demos for people with these excellent virtual pets. I work with VKC dogs also, and thier owners. I solve problems here, and also teach dog owners how to master the commands, as well as teach people to train thier dogs to do a variety of tasks and entertaining tricks. For those not in the mood to learn all of this, I actually train the dogs for them. I Own one of the most popular Dog Park in Second Life. Dogland Park in Rhoda.

In world, dogs are transferable. This means ownership can be given to another person. My mission is to convince business people in 2nd Life to begin making all toys & supplies for virtual dogs transferable (as are the dogs!). To this end, I make an entire line of toys and dog beds... all transferable, and all free. There is an entire line of custom doghouses also I sell for the currency of 2nd life (50 Lindens= approx. 20 cents U.S. currency), or for those who dont have the funds, the doghouse is free.
Working with Virtual dogs gives a trainer in rl(real life) a special insight into the pure logic under which dogs function. Working with our pets in rl, gives us a special feeling for the virtual dogs.
The Virtual dogs are such great fun to function with, and provide great entertainment and actually are useful in the virtual world... just as service dogs and protection dogs are in the real world.
I hope that when you are in 2nd Life, you will look me up, and see all of the things a virtual dog can do. Your real life pets will benefit from this as also will yourselves! And for those of you with no rl dog, owning a virtual dog is the next best thing. Trust me we all get very attached to our virtual pets and enjoy them immensly!~ Vitolo Rossini


  1. Hello Vitolo!

    I was very happy to come across your SL company, Dogland, during my travels, and to see your blog here. I think what you do is very inspiring in both lives and want to thank you for your selfless work. I hope you will continue to write about your work, about the dogs and about the people for whom these companions mean so much.

    Thank you!
    Dahlia Jayaram

  2. Thank you for your comment. It means a great deal to me that you cared to leave such positive feedback!

  3. hello vitolo.
    what should i say-i only can repeat the words of dahlia.
    its so amazing,selfless and kind what you do for other people in both lives!!!
    to help other people with theyr fate is the greatest thing a person can do and im sure you know how much that means to people with TBI , because fate hits you hard to in 2004.
    im sooo glad and proud on you do all this kind and lovely things to help other and handle your own live with your fate!!and im also glad to know you-even when its not a long time!!youre such a nice,kind and cute guy and to me youre a bit like a real superhero!you could be very proud on yourself and i hope that a lot other people support how you act and your attitude to help people!!!
    have a great day and im grateful to know you and to be your friend!!
    your buddy Dada

  4. I am proud to know you too Dada!